Crepe Myrtilles

Luscious crepes filled with honey flavoured blueberries in a cassis or cognac liquor


For the Crepes

50 g Plain Flour
Pinch of Sea Salt
1 Egg, beaten
150 ml Milk
20 g Unsalted Butter

For the Filling

30 g Unsalted Butter
50 g Caster Sugar
200 g Blueberries
4 Tsp Honey
4 Tbsp Cassis, or cognac


Place the Flour and Salt in a large bowl and mix in the Egg
Gradually whisk in the Milk to form a smooth batter
It should have the consistency of single cream
Melt 5 g of Butter in a large frying pan
Pour in enough of the batter to coat the bottom of the pan thinly
Cook over a medium heat for about 1 minute until the underside is starting to brown
Loosen around the edges and turn (or toss) and cook on the other side for about 1 minute
Remove and place on a warm plate
Repeat with the remaining butter and batter to make 4 crepes
Heat another 25 g of Butter in a pan and add 25 g of Sugar
Bubble to dissolve the sugar and make a syrup
Fold each crepe carefully in half, and then half again, to make a triangle
Place 2 of the folded crepes in the syrup
Spoon half of the Blueberries into each pocket of the crepe
Then spoon over the buttery syrup and heat through
Add half of the Honey and just melt
Careful as Honey can scorch
Repeat these steps with the remaining 2 crepes and ingredients
Serve immediately with 1 Tbsp of Cassis drizzled over