Sweets & Desserts Recipes

Stunning Simplicity on a Plate

Panna Cotta with Raspberry Compote

Panna Cotta is all about the mouthfeel:.The smooth, velvety cream has enough tension to hold up to a spoon but melts in the mouth. The best Panna Cotta has an understated character, highlighting the inherent sweetness of the dairy and the warmth from a fresh Vanilla Bean, This one is complemented with a fabulously fruity Raspberry Compote...

Chocolate Terrine

The texture of this gently baked chocolate custard is dreamily luscious, firm enough to be sliced into slabs with a knife yet yielding to the edge of a spoon, soft and silky once it makes its way into your mouth.

Simple Tiramisu

Tiramisu quite literally means, “a pick me up.” Tiramisu is a rich treat blending the bold flavours of cocoa and espresso with savoury mascarpone cheese and wine, layered with ladyfinger biscuits.

Lemon Posset with Fennel Biscotti

This amazing Lemon Posset with Fennel Biscotti by Tom Kerridge perfectly balances sweet and sharp flavours for a real taste sensation. Ideal for dinner parties as can be prepared well in advance.

Crepe Myrtilles

Luscious crepes filled with honey flavoured blueberries in a cassis or cognac liquor

Raspberry Souffle

This stunning Raspberry Soufflé's is an impressive end to any dinner party. Colourful, delicate and simply stunning! Courtesy of James Martin. Thank you

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This is sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Salted caramel combines two of these, giving an effect that chefs call “flavour layering”. Salt also acts as an enhancer of flavour

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dates have a natural toffee-like edge to them, and when added to this moist sponge pudding and flooded with caramel sauce, they become as stickily sweet and

Chocolate & Raspberry Brûlée

Who doesn't love a crème brûlée but add chocolate and fresh raspberries to the mix and you have a sure fire winning recipe.

Summer Fruit Delice

This is a sure showstopper not only for your guests but also for your taste buds.

Lemon Tart

Light, refreshing and tangy, this baked lemon tart is a timeless classic

Creme Brûlée

Crème brûlée (pronounced "krem broo-LAY") is a classic French dessert consisting of a custard topped with caramelized sugar.

Summer Fruit Pavlova

Pavlova consists of crisp meringue crust over a marshmallow like center that is then topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Manhattan Cheesecake

It should be cool, thick, satiny, and creamy; radiating outward, it goes gradually from velvety to suede-like, then, finally, about the edges, it is cake-like

Whisky Pancakes

Whether you like your pancakes with sugar, orange or lemon. Of course, you have the option to flavour them with a good dash of whisky, For adults only!

Vanilla Panacotta

Fill the air with the delicious aroma of fresh vanilla and your guests won't be able to wait to dive into this creamy panna cotta.

Strawberry Souffle

This strawberry souffle is amazing, light and fluffy and full of the strawberry flavour.