Chicken Fajita Wraps

This flavourful recipe is definitely on the week night dinner rotation. The chicken fajita marinade in these popular wraps is mouthwatering. They are so easy to make and always get rave feedback.


For the Spice Mix

½ tsp Ground Cumin
½ tsp Ground Coriander
pinch Cayenne Pepper
½ tsp dried Thyme
pinch Crushed Chillies, plus extra to taste
½ tsp Paprika
1 dried Bay Leaf, crushed
freshly ground Black Pepper

For the Guacamole

1 large ripe Avocado, halved and stoned
½ Lime, juice only
10 g fresh Coriander, leaves and stalks chopped
1 Green Chilli, finely chopped (and deseeded, optional)
Sea Salt

For the Fajitas

2–3 tbsp rapeseed Oil
1 Onion, sliced
1 Red Pepper, deseeded and sliced
2 Garlic Cloves, crushed
300 g leftover roasted chicken, shredded into bite-sized pieces
Sea Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper

To Serve

2 corn on the cobs
100 ml soured cream
½ Lime, zest only
4 large Tortilla Wraps
100 g Cheddar Cheese, grated
1 Lime, cut into quarters


For the spice mix, combine all of the spices and the crushed bay leaf in a bowl, season with pepper and set aside.
For the guacamole, place the avocado flesh in a bowl along with the lime juice.
Add the coriander, chilli and a pinch of salt.
Roughly mash together using a fork until combined.
For the fajitas, heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan.
Add the onion and pepper and fry for around 6–8 minutes, stirring frequently until softened.
Add the garlic, fry for a further minute and then add in the spice mix.
Stir for 2 minutes until the spices are aromatic.
Add the chicken to the pan.
Season with salt and pepper and add extra crushed dried chilies, if desired.
Add a splash of water to the pan and cook over a medium heat for 4–5 minutes, stirring, until piping hot. Check seasoning and adjust as desired.
Meanwhile, bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and cook the corn on the cobs for 4–6 minutes until tender.
Remove from the pan, drain and, once cool enough to handle, carefully cut each in half to make 4 small cobs. Mix the soured cream with the lime zest in a small bowl.

To serve

Heat the tortillas according to packet instructions or, in a hot dry frying pan.
Serve the chicken mixture in the wraps with the guacamole, soured cream and grated cheese.
Serve the corn on the cobs and lime wedges alongside.