Snacks & Lunches Recipes

Stunning Simplicity on a Plate

Awesome Toasted Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

There are many ways to eat cheese on toast, as we would call it in the UK, or grilled cheese. This recipe is for an awesome British cheese and tomato sandwich that you melt under the grill.

Spicy Tuna & Avocado Wrap

This recipe for Spicy Tuna & Avocado Wraps make it easy to spice up your weekly lunches and is a meal you know you can feel good about.

Beef & Cheese Wrap

During a busy week you can make these wraps in advance for a quick lunch on the go

Chicken Fajita Wraps

This flavourful recipe is definitely on the week night dinner rotation. The chicken fajita marinade in these popular wraps is mouthwatering. They are so easy to make and always get rave feedback.

My Club Sandwich

Looking for an interesting lunch idea? The classic club sandwich never goes out of fashion.

Ploughman's Baguette

Go old school with this classic ploughman's baguette. Enjoy flavours that pack a punch with mature cheddar, smoked ham, fresh apple and tangy pickle.

Asian Style Ham Baguette

We love these sandwiches with ham, but you can use leftover cooked chicken instead, if desired

Fish Wrap

What is about food wrapped in other food that is so delicious?

Avocado, Chorizo & Prawn Wrap

For this rapid recipe, you will need juicy king prawns with crispy chorizo, and pack them into soft tortillas with creamy avocado and rocket

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

Starting with smoked salmon, this sandwich is layered with tasty ingredients—cream cheese, cucumber, and red onion. It's a quick fix.

Tuna & Bean Salad Ciabatta

We love tuna, and this recipe is a great way to use good old canned tuna--and it's great to share! The Mediterranean flavors really pack a punch

Steak Fajitas

These spicy fajitas are packed with fresh flavour

Avocado & Chorizo Toast

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a treat. Good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this Avocado and Chorizo Toast is jam-packed with flavor and healthy fats for a simple meal that takes only minutes to throw together.

Fish Finger Butty with Lemon Mayonnaise

Not only does it taste infinitely better than the fish fingers of our childhood, it's also such an easy recipe to make.