Sweet Chilli Chicken

Sweet Chilli Chicken is an incredibly easy Chinese-style chicken dish which will be ready to serve in 20 mins. But you will need to marinade the chicken for 2 hours before hand


4 boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts
2 Fresh red Chilli, seeded and chopped finely
2 Garlic Cloves crushed
2 Tbsp grated Ginger
4 Tbsp Runny Honey
3 Tbsp Soy Sauce
4 Tsp Lime Juice

For Garnish

4 Spring Onions, diagonally sliced
1 Fresh Red Chilli, seeded and sliced finely
1 Tbsp Fresh Mint leaves, chopped
1 Tbsp Fresh Coriander leaves, chopped


Cut each chicken breast lengthways into strips
Combine chilli, garlic, ginger, honey, soy sauce and lime juice, then reserve 4 Tbsp in a small bowl for serving
Add chicken slices to remainder of the mixture and toss to coat evenly. Marinate for 2 hours in a refrigerator covered
Thread chicken strips on to 4 skewers
Grill over medium-hot coals, or in a griddle pan over a high heat for 8-10 minutes turning every 2 minutes
Serve on a plate, drizzle over reserved marinate mixture and sprinkle over with spring onions, sliced chilli, mint and coriander leaves