Quick Spicy Spanish Prawns

These vibrantly flavoured prawns have their roots in a bar snack you find served throughout Spain, gambas al ajillo, which often arrives dramatically sizzling on a hot plate or in a small terracotta cazuelita.

Quick Spicy Spanish Prawns


60ml Olive Oil
3 cloves Garlic, finely sliced
½ Tsp dried Red Chilli flakes
1 Tsp Sweet Paprika
250g Prawns, peeled and deveined, tails on
Sea Salt flakes
Freshly ground Black Pepper
1 Tsp fresh Lemon J
1 Tbsp Dry Sherry, such as Amontillado
Parsley leaves, to serve


Combine the olive oil, garlic, chilli flakes and paprika in frying pan

Place over low heat and, taking your time, gently warm through until it becomes fragrant.

Dry the prawns by patting with paper towel, then lightly season with salt and pepper.

Turn the heat up under the oil to medium high.

Once it is hot and shimmering, add the prawns and cook, tossing, until just opaque.

Off the heat, stir in the lemon juice and sherry.

Scatter with parsley leaves and serve immediately.