Fancy Meal

Main Meals

The main course is the featured or primary dish in a meal consisting of several courses. It usually follows the entrée ("entry") course.

Seafood Dish


Seafood is any form of sea life regarded as food by humans, prominently including fish and shellfish.

Stunning Simple Recipes

Indian Dish


Curry is a variety of dishes originating in the Indian subcontinent that use a complex combination of spices or herbs, usually including onion, ground turmericcumin

corianderginger, and fresh or dried chilies. Curry is generally prepared in a sauce.

Pesto Pasta


Pasta is an Italian type of food typically made from an unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, and formed into sheets or other shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking.

Heart Dessert

Sweets & Desserts

The term dessert can apply to many confections, such as biscuits, cakes, cookies, custards, gelatins, ice creams, pastries, pies, puddings, sweetsoups, and tarts. 

Snack Food

Snacks & Lunches

A snack is a small serving of food between meals. Lunch is a more substantial meal usually around midday.

White Cake

Cakes & Biscuits

The ingredients mix to make a thin batter rather than the thicker dough expected for a biscuit texture. - Cakes are expected to be soft and friable

Peach Yogurt Parfait


Other great recipes that do not quite fit in to any specific category but which might still be of use